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As the marketing manager for Wishes of Cudworth Chris has built a reputation for building engaging multimedia content.

The Wishes of Cudworth page has over 5,000 followers with not only great daily interactions but also posts that often lead to direct sales. The Wishes of Cudworth Facebook page is recognised across the greeting card industry as a market leader, resulting in Chris writing a monthly “On the Line” column in the magazine Greetings Today in which he talks about how small businesses can use digital marketing to promote themselves on-line.

You can view a number of Chris Fox’s articles on his blog Gift Shop Hub and read his latest Greetings Today article here:

Chris has also presented a number of seminars at both the Spring & Autumn Fair, the UK’s No.1 home and gift show for the retail industry. His presentation was titled “Social Media and Digital Marketing for Retailers”.

Here’s the theme of the seminar: From choosing the correct platform for your website to recognising the power of social media, learn how to harness the power of the Internet while still maintaining the balance between running your physical shop. Hear about the importance of photography, staying current and essential digital marketing tips which will keep your customers coming back for more. Chris will also be talking about the benefits of working with your local community and his role as the Chairman of Cudworth Businesses & Community Together.

You can watch the seminar here. christopherfox.co.uk/spring-fair

Chris also runs business profiles on Twitter and Instagram and is the Admin on the Facebook page for the village over Cudworth which has over 2000 followers. Chris has runs the Wishes social media with a focus on the local area and highlighting the work the shop does for the community.

As well as his magazine column, Chris has contributed guest blog posts to a number of websites: Here’s a select few of the many articles Chris has put together:









The articles and stories Chris has produced not only help improve the SEO and backlinks on the various websites he runs but also help kept the businesses in the public eye. Chris is a big believer that small businesses should not just be “product, product, product – buy!” on social media, rather he promotes the benefits of telling the story behind the company. That the values and people who work in the business are an important way to content with their customer.

Through events, community projects, videos, art trails and retail intiatives, Chris has built marketing campaigns that really have do a postive impact.

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