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The Cudworth Bunny Trail

The Cudworth Bunny Trail has been created by a fluffle# of local shops on Cudworth high-street. 12 shops have brightly coloured, cheerful bunnies hidden in their windows. Using your Bunny Stop map you’ll be able to explore our village, find the bunnies and collect your bunny stickers from the shops. Collect all 12 stickers and you can visit Wishes to get your Cudworth Bunny Trail treat bag. 

#A group of rabbits is known as a “fluffle” in some areas. You can also have a congregation of alligator, a cauldron of bats and a murder of crows.

Chris Fox came up with the original concept for the Cudworth Bunny Trail and has created the website and leaflets for the project.

The third Cudworth Bunny Trail is currently being worked on behind the scenes with Chris meeting with local artists and a primary school colouring competition has just been launched.

The Shop Local Message

Julia Keeling from Wishes of Cudworth explains:

“We feel the shop local message that the Cudworth Bunny Trail promotes is important. We want our village to be full of vibrant and interesting independent shops. Our Independent shops often stock items which are made locally or aren’t available elsewhere. With our smaller indie shops you’ll get a service that the larger department shops just can’t offer”.

Project leader Chris Foxr eveals that the theme for the trail is a combination of their own pet rabbits, as well as local historical connection.

“The rabbit has a long history with Barnsley going back to the times of the Vikings. Rabbit Ings Country Park in Barnsley has a rabbit carved on its hillside which can be seen from miles around. This Norse image ties into the name of the site – ‘ings’ being a Norse word or description of low lying wetland and of course a rabbit!”

Enthused by the potential, Chris Fox said “This year Bunny Trail has really connected with our locals.
The artist painted bunnies really add to the trail and impact it has, not just in Cudworth but in Yorkshire and beyond!”.

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